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Meet the coordinators, Robin Young and Shaelyn Heise both have a passion for this organization.jpg

How Tee Up For Mental Health Began

Shaelyn Heise and Robin Young created Tee Up For Mental Health in 2016. The Skills For Safer Living Program was an easy decision for Shaelyn and Robin to support, as both have struggled with mental illness. We wanted to give back to the resources that have helped us through the rough patches.

This is what began the conversation of what we could do to give back to our community, a conversation we never thought would bring us to this point! We are proud to continue our fundraising relationship with the Skills for Safer Living Program, and continue Tee Up For Mental Health as an annual event. To date Tee Up For Mental Health has donated over $25,000 to Skills for Safer Living!

We also have been overwhelmed with the impact this has had on our community, being asked to speak at schools has been amazing. We spoke at these schools about our past experiences, our event, and the program we are so passionate about! 

We can't wait to see what Tee Up For Mental Health will bring for the future! 

Meet The Founder


Shaelyn Heise

Founder & Creative Director

"Mental illness has been present in my life since I was very young, I was first diagnosed with anxiety when I was seven years old. Later in my adolescent years, I was also diagnosed with "Major Depression" as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have tried a numerous amount

of medications, therapies and coping

mechanisms over the years. Through the use of psychiatrists, counsellors, group therapies, to name a few I can happily say I was able to take control of my illness. If you know me, you know I have a tattoo with the date "30/10/13". This date is my first and only suicide attempt, and the date

that I really accepted my illness and began

putting in the work to get where I am today.

Tee Up For Mental Health is one of those avenues, and my way of giving back. If resources like the "Skills for Safer Living Program" did not exist, I as well as many other youth would not be where we are today. Tee Up For Mental Health started as an unlikely possibility. It has transformed into an amazing platform for us to tell our story and do our part to stop the cycle of suicide."

Want to Share Your Story?

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