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The Warning Signs

While no mental illness is preventable, and it is very possible to go years without showing any symptoms. There are certain mannerisms you can look for, certain changes in routine or personality. If anyone close to you is in any way not acting "themselves" please check in with them. There is always a reason.

The more we know about the warning signs of mental illness, and the more we regularly check in with our loved ones, the more we can interrupt the cycle of suicide.

The following is a list of things to look for;

  • Social Withdrawal

  • Confused thinking or problems concentrating

  • Changes in school or work performance

  • Inability to complete daily tasks

  • Excessive complaints of physical ailments

  • Weight changes

  • Loss of interest in activities that would typically be enjoyed

  • More common risk taking behaviours

  • Negative comments, no apparent desire

  • Trouble sitting still, constant fidgeting

  • Neglect of personal care (they are normally wearing makeup or clean cut shaved, and no longer they take the time for these things)

  • Irritable, Easily agitated, constantly anxious

  • Changes in spending habits, irrational spending

  • In more severe cases; self harming behaviours, substance use and/or abuse, talk of suicide or not wanting to live anymore.

While these are certainly not the only warning signs, and these symptoms do not only come from mental illness. However if you notice someone experiencing these symptoms or any combination of them please reach out for help.

I hope this list of signs to watch out for can help someone. Encourage the conversation of suicide awareness and prevention. Every life is worth living.

Stay strong and safe,


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