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Why Attend Our 2020 Indoor Tournament?

We are so excited to have announced our 2020 Indoor Golf Tournament is returning to Golfplay on February 29, 2020! If you have any questions regarding the tournament and our organization hopefully this will help clear things up! We hope to see as many of you at the tournament as possible and can't wait!

We want to help break the stigma surrounding mental illness. Changing the negative conversation to talks of positivity, hope and recovery. The 1 in 5 who suffer often suffer in silence and they are who we are speaking for. The reality is waitlists are simply far too long. In our region it can take months, even a year to receive the assistance a suicidal individual immediately needs. We are working to help change that. The Canadian Mental Health Association does amazing work. They need the funding to continue doing what they're doing.

All the proceeds from our tournament are donated directly to the Skills for Safer Living Program. A suicide intervention and prevention program that teaches safer coping strategies. Resulting in suicide can be prevented and that is what they are teaching. This 20 week program focuses on key skills that help youth better understand and cope with their thoughts, feelings and surroundings.

More About the Event:

- Indoor Golf Tournament (you definitely don't have to be a golfer to play!), Amazing food from Golfplay's Ironwood Bistro served right to your booth as you play. 50/50 Draw, Raffle table stocked with amazing prizes donated from local companies and more!

-If you are unable to attend the event, we totally understand! If you are able, online donations can be made directly through our website on the Homepage. All donations made will be donated directly with the tournament money to the Skills for Safer Living Program!

We hope to see you there! It is always a great event, with lot's of fun, excitement and laughter, raising awareness for such an important cause at the same time.

Thank you for all the support, we hope to see you soon!

Shaelyn, Robin & Sam

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