• Shaelyn Heise

Self Care Ideas: Find what works for YOU!

If you take the time to look, you will find a million ideas for self care. By definition self care is "the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's health, wellbeing and happiness". -Webster's Dictionary.

Essentially, self care is anything you enjoy doing that takes your mind away from your stress. Below is a list of a few very common self care ideas to give you a beginner's list. There are many more forms of self care than the activities listed here, but I wanted to include some of my favourites, or those that I know work for me.

Self Care Activities to Soothe your mind:

  • Read a book or magazine

  • Go for a walk, explore a new part of your neighborhood

  • Try meditation or yoga

  • Enjoy a cup of tea, or coffee if it is before evening

  • Take a long warm bath or shower

  • Go see/watch a new movie or one of your favourites

  • Spend time with a loved one

  • Practice a mindfullness activity, even just deep breathing

  • Write. About your feelings, about a creative fiction story, just write

  • Try another creative outlet; painting, drawing, or maybe sewing

  • Declutter an area of your home

  • Listen to music, loudly, dance too

  • Write down things you are thankful for and that inspire you

  • Let yourself cry occasionally if you need to, only for a short time

  • Head to your favourite spot in town to watch the sunset/sunrise

  • Treat yourself to your favourite comfort food, and don't feel guilty

  • Watch some trashy, shameful reality TV, trust me it helps

  • Plan a night out (or in) with your favourite people

  • Skip your chores for a day and just relax

  • Head to the gym (or your living room with a Youtube video) and sweat out the stress

  • Cook or bake something you enjoy, try something new

  • Do a puzzle or crossword

  • Purge your closet

  • Take a 20/30 minute nap to recharge- but don't let that trap you in bed all day

  • Take a few hours, or a day if you'd like away from social media

  • Do something nice for someone without them knowing (buy the person behind you in the drive-thru's coffee)

  • Watch a TED Talk on a topic you've been wanting to learn more about

  • Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while

  • Look through old photos; focus on positive memories

  • Cross something off your bucket list (or make plans to)

  • Volunteer your time to something you believe in

Just be gentle with yourself, and remember everything will be okay. Stay safe and take great care.




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