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Sharing your Story is Empowering

By now you know that I believe in speaking up about your mental illness. I have explained in previous posts about how healing it can be to talk about your struggles. I also believe it is so empowering, knowing that maybe you are contributing to someone not feeling the same lonely feelings you know too well. Being able to connect with people in this way, knowing that you don't know them but they know some of your most intimate details, and you had a positive impact. I find this feeling amazing, knowing you may have had a positive impact on someone's recovery.

Each person's journey is so different, but they all begin the same. Every recovery begins by reaching out, speaking up about what you're going through and that you need support. Whether it is your parents, a trusted friend, a doctor or therapist, speaking up and asking for help is difficult but arguably the most crucial part of your recovery. I believe everyone could benefit from therapy of some sort. We all go through things, we all suffer and experience pain and unfortunately we all see things we wish we hadn't. There is absolutely no shame in wanting to discuss these situations with someone. Having a second perspective, outside of your world is so helpful. No matter what you're going through, speak to someone. Speak up about the things that you need, the support you will need. If nothing else, you will find someone that will listen.

Stay safe and strong,


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